Private and Small Group Firearms Training

When seconds count, help is often minutes away.  You can't pick your crisis or control when the police arrive.  You can control your planning, preparation, and capability to respond.  Ultimately, you are responsible for your family's security.  No one else.  And no one cares like you do.  As our world continues to come unhinged, prepare yourself.  Take charge by developing the mindset, skills, and capabilities you need to keep your family safe.

LCG Tactical is now offering private and small group handgun training.  Students receive an initial 4-6 hour block of training in a private, professional, low stress environment.  This training incorporates all critical elements of our Core Skills Handgun Course.   Students may then continue their training in 1-2 hour segments customized to fit their schedules, needs, and desired skill level.  This training is designed for beginners or experienced shooters.  It is perfect for couples, families, friends, or corporate groups.  The training is scaled to fit your individual skill and experience level.

Handguns and all necessary range gear can be supplied by LCG Tactical.  If you don't yet have a solid defensive handgun, or don't know what to buy, train with LCG using one of our Glock, Springfield Armory, or S&W handguns to test drive some good options.  Students must provide 300 rounds of ammunition for the course, or LCG can provide it at additional cost.  Current pricing for personal and small group format firearms training provided at Coeur d Alene, Idaho is as follows:

Core Skills Handgun - (initial 4 - 6 hour block)

  • Single student rate $200
  • Two or more students $125 each
  • After initial Core Skills training, the single student rate for firearms training is $55 per hour.  Groups of two or more students are priced at $40 per hour, per student.

Private and small group format training is also available for defensive shotgun and carbine.

Private format home defense training, emergency planning and comprehensive security consulting is also available.  Training is conducted in your home and will provide you with specific skills and plans for home defense including tactical movement, room clearing, teamwork, low light, contingency planning, vehicle defense, and travel security.  LCG can also consult with you on selection of firearms, ammunition, and related tactical and medical gear.  Security consulting rates apply.

Schedule your personal or small group training by contacting Will Long at 208-660-1846 or email at






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