Expert Witness Consulting

William R. Long provides expert witness consulting in the areas of multi-defendant and multi jurisdictional case strategy, criminal informant and undercover operations, domestic terrorism operations and cases, investigative techniques, firearms and tactical training protocols, SWAT operations and training.

During his FBI career, Mr. Long testified extensively in state and federal court.  Unlike many law enforcement officers, FBI Agents typically participate in extensive case strategy development and trial preparation alongside Assistant U.S. Attorneys.  Mr. Long has significant experience testifying in and preparing for trial, grand jury, deposition, and suppression, preliminary, and other hearings.

Mr. Long received his law degree before joining the FBI, and has both a legal and practical understanding of case and courtroom dynamics.

Expert witness services include consulting, case evaluation, strategy development, pre-trial assistance, written reports, and testimony.

Mr. Long's CV is available upon request.

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