Long Consulting Group is a premier private investigation firm.  William Long’s 25 years of experience as a lead FBI agent in complex federal criminal investigations and intelligence operations ensures that our clients’ objectives are met with the highest level of skill and integrity.  LCG develops reliable, thorough, and objective information to assist our clients in making well-informed decisions.

Our nationwide and international network of retired FBI agents provides our clients with global reach, multijurisdictional investigations, and access to every conceivable investigative specialty.

William Long operates as a licensed and insured private investigator in Washington and Idaho.

Investigation Services include:

  • Sensitive internal investigations
  • Employee misconduct investigations
  • Title IX investigations for educational institutions
  • Background and due diligence investigations
  • Threat management investigations
  • Complex multijurisdictional investigations
  • Financial fraud investigations
  • Location and interviewing of individuals
  • Surveillance
  • Background screening of caregivers, nannies, and household employees
  • Civil and criminal litigation support
    • Locating witnesses and assets
    • Conducting witness interviews
    • Criminal mitigation investigations
    • Discovering physical and digital evidence
    • Developing investigative strategy
    • Producing investigative reports
    • Reviewing transcripts, video, police reports, and other documents and evidence
    • Conducting investigative research, including background information
    • Social media review and profiles
  • Elder abuse investigations
  • Missing persons
  • Additional services tailored to our clients’ needs and objectives

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