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For over 22 years Will Long served as an FBI Enhanced SWAT team operator, trainer, and leader.  Will planned, participated in, and led hundreds of real-world, high risk operations, both domestically and overseas.  During his career, Will received the best firearms and tactical training available to U.S. government operators.  Will has provided firearms and tactical training courses to over 1500 local, state, and federal law enforcement officers.

Will has designed a series of armed civilian and law enforcement firearms courses based on FBI SWAT protocols and refined by his own experience as an operator and trainer.  These courses use a logical building block approach to teach foundational Core Skills, advanced techniques, performance under stress, and legally defensible application.

Will has extensive courtroom testimony experience in both state and federal court.  His intricate knowledge and experience in both the tactical and legal realm provides clients with the highest level of preparation for surviving an armed encounter on the street and in the courtroom.


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Armed civilian and law enforcement training:


  • Handgun Tactical Skills and Movement Course - This two day (16 hour) course provides the student with the essential building blocks of tactical shooting and movement skills.  The course covers realistic handgun skills, use of cover, shooting on the move, target assessment and discrimination, interior movements, room entries, teamwork, and more.  The training is applicable to virtually any armed use of force scenario, including home, active shooter, and street crime defense.  The course includes critical skill drills that enable the student to self-assess and improve long after the course has ended.  Legally defensible use of force, ballistic realities, emergency medical, and other scenario based concerns are also addressed. Equipment requirements include handgun, holster, 3 magazines, magazine pouch, eye/ear protection, and 650 rounds of quality training ammunition.


  • Personal and Small Group Training - Students receive an initial 4-6 hour block of personal training in a professional, low stress setting.  This Core Skills Handgun class provides the foundations of defensive handgun shooting, use, and legal considerations.  Students may then continue their training in 1-2 hour segments customized for their schedules, needs, and scaled to their skill level.  This training is ideal for new or experienced shooters, as well as couples, families, friends, and corporate groups.  LCG can provide handguns and all necessary range gear for use in the training at no additional cost.  Home defense training, defensive shotgun, and carbine training are also offered in our personal and small group format.  See LCG's post on this website for more detailed information.  Contact us now to schedule your personal or small group training.


  • Core Skills Handgun - This is the foundational handgun skills class.  Programmed over one or two days, this course provides the shooter with the essential building blocks of defensive/tactical handgun shooting.  The course covers stance, grip, presentation, draw, trigger press, visual skills, gun handling, reloading, shooting on the move, use of cover/barricades, concealed carry, and more.  The course includes critical skill drills that enable the shooter to self assess and continue to improve long after the course has ended. This course is designed for shooters with some handgun experience and or training.  350 rounds of handgun ammunition per day is required for this class.


  • Core Skills Handgun II - This course builds on the foundation created by Core Skills Handgun.  Handgun II reinforces the lessons of the prerequisite course, then layers on advanced skills building speed, smooth movement, situational awareness, and team work.  Using more complicated scenario based exercises, decision making skills and shooter confidence are enhanced.  350 rounds of ammunition per day is required for this course.


  • Entry Level Core Skills Handgun - This is a beginner's one day handgun course.  It is designed for shooters with little or no handgun shooting experience.  This course covers key fundamentals presented in the Core Skills Handgun course, but at a slower pace designed for less experienced shooters.  Students will learn the fundamentals of handgun safety, shooting, and gun handling with an emphasis on defensive shooting and legally defensible application.  250 rounds of ammunition is required for this course.


  • Core Skills Carbine - Presented in a one or two day format, this course isolates critical skills and prepares the shooter to effectively and aggressively utilize the fighting carbine.  Shooters learn solid fundamentals to enhance practical fighting capability.  The course covers establishing zero, optics, ballistics, maintenance, stance, presentation, shooting on the move, precision shooting, barricade use, unconventional positions, reloads, transitions, and many other aspects of efficient carbine use.   A follow-on advanced course is available for graduates of the carbine course.  350 rounds of ammunition per day is required for this course.


  • Core Skills Combo - This two day course combines the core elements of both the handgun and carbine class to provide the shooter with a comprehensive enhancement of defensive firearms skills.


  • Core Skills Tactical Movement - This course teaches core tactical principles, priorities, and movement.  Home defense, room clearing, active shooter response, low light, and other defensive scenarios are covered in this comprehensive shooting/tactical movement course.  Core Skills Handgun is a prerequisite for this course.


  • Law Enforcement Active Shooter Integrated Response - This course teaches the Rescue Task Force model for a combined response by law enforcement/Fire/EMS personnel to an active gunman/MCI event designed to quickly provide emergency medical intervention to victims at the point of wounding.  See LCG's post on this website for a detailed description of the course.


  • Law Enforcement SWAT Certification Course - Based on legally defensible, proven FBI SWAT program protocols, this 40 hour course provides SWAT team members with critical core skills such as mission planning, close quarter battle (CQB), SWAT firearms skills, diversion devices, sniper integration, hostage rescue, and other foundational elements of SWAT operations.


  • Law Enforcement and SWAT team customized courses - LCG Tactical provides world class training to law enforcement officers and SWAT teams.  Courses include the LE version of the Core Skills series firearms courses, as well as CQB, Advanced Patrol Rifle, rural operations, K9 Integration, and other topics based on your agency's needs.


  • Law Enforcement SWAT program development, evaluation, and team selection consulting available.


  • Law Enforcement Tactical Skills - This course is designed for school resource officers (SROs), patrol officers, detectives, and task force members.  Officers learn advanced pistol, patrol rifle, room clearing, and shoot and move skills that are both consistent with current active shooter doctrine and applicable in daily law enforcement operations.  This course takes officer's tactical skills to the next level.


  • Additional Core Skills series and specialty courses are under development.

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